Patient Billing

Experience Seamless Dental Billing with Dental Pro HQ!

We believe that patient satisfaction extends beyond the dental chair. We understand that a smooth and transparent patient billing process is an essential part of providing exceptional dental care. Our Patient Billing services are designed with your convenience in mind, ensuring that you can focus on your oral health while leaving the financial matters to us.


Key Features

Electronic and Mailed Statements

We ensure efficient communication with your patients by sending out clear and detailed statements electronically or through traditional mail, according to their preferred method.

Customized Patient Letters

Personalized communication is essential for patient satisfaction. We craft customized letters to address specific billing concerns and inquiries, enhancing the patient experience

Streamlined Payment Solutions

Our primary goal is to create the best, fastest, and easiest way for patients to pay their bills. We work closely with your current credit card merchant to implement cutting-edge solutions such as QR codes and secure payment links.

Thorough Ledger Auditing

Our team conducts meticulous audits of patient ledgers to ensure accuracy and eliminate discrepancies, contributing to the financial integrity of your practice.

Proactive Patient Communication

We proactively reach out to patients to address any outstanding balances, helping to streamline the payment process and improve overall revenue flow.

Weekly Reports

Stay informed about your practice's financial status with our detailed weekly reports. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of payments received, outstanding balances, and collections status.

Accounts Receivable Management

We diligently manage your accounts receivable to keep them up-to-date, reducing the likelihood of overdue bills and maximizing collections efficiency.

Timely Collections Handling

In case of delinquent accounts, we work diligently to initiate collections procedures promptly and professionally, allowing you to focus on patient care

Patient Bill Explanation

We understand that some patients may have questions or require clarification regarding their bills. Our team is always willing to explain the billing details to patients when requested, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the charges. When a patient requests a bill explanation, our dedicated customer support team will respond within 24-72 business hours, providing comprehensive and detailed information to address their queries.

Maximize Revenue

Let us handle the billing intricacies, while you focus on patient care. Our efficient billing processes help maximize your revenue, contributing to the financial success of your dental practice.