Frequently Asked Questions

Remote dental billing refers to outsourcing the billing and claims management processes of a dental practice to a specialized company that operates remotely. With remote dental billing, the billing company handles tasks such as claims submission, insurance verification, coding, and reimbursement follow-ups on behalf of the dental practice.

Outsourcing your dental billing offers several advantages. It allows you to save time and resources by entrusting billing tasks to experienced professionals, reducing administrative burdens and staffing costs. Moreover, outsourcing to a specialized billing company can lead to improved accuracy in claims submission, higher reimbursement rates, and faster payment cycles, ultimately maximizing your revenue.

Absolutely. We understand the importance of data security and take it very seriously. Our company adheres to strict protocols and utilizes industry-standard security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your practice's data. We comply with HIPAA regulations and maintain secure systems to protect your information.

Insurance verification is an essential step in the billing process. Our team of experts contacts insurance providers directly to verify patient coverage, benefits, and eligibility. We strive to minimize errors and ensure accurate information for claims submission, improving the chances of successful reimbursement.

Absolutely. In addition to dental billing, we offer a range of administrative services tailored to meet the needs of dental practices. These may include insurance claims follow-up, patient billing inquiries, accounts receivable management, practice management software implementation, and more. We aim to provide comprehensive support to optimize the efficiency and success of your practice.

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to our team via phone or email, and one of our representatives will be happy to guide you through the process. We will discuss your practice's specific needs, provide detailed information about our services, and create a customized plan to meet your requirements. We believe in building strong partnerships and will be there to support you every step of the way.

Our pricing structure is based on the specific services you require and the volume of work involved. We offer competitive pricing packages tailored to the size and needs of your dental practice. During our initial consultation, we will provide transparent pricing details and discuss the best options for your practice.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and support. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to treating your dental practice as if it's our own. Our goal is to ensure that your practice thrives in its business operations and maintains accurate accounts for your patients.

We understand the importance of a smooth billing process for both your patients and your practice. Even though we work remotely and may never meet face-to-face, our aim is to provide such impactful service that even your patients are satisfied with the work we do behind the scenes. We believe in going above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Our team is always available to answer your questions, provide regular updates on your billing progress, and address any concerns you may have. We believe in open communication and strive to be your trusted partner in optimizing your practice's revenue and efficiency.

We take our role seriously and approach every task with utmost dedication. As your billing partner, we are invested in your success. We want to build a long-lasting partnership based on trust and mutual satisfaction. Rest assured, we will not cut corners or compromise on quality. We are committed to delivering accurate results and maximizing your reimbursements.

To ensure personalized attention, every account is assigned a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you. Your account manager will ensure that you are getting the most out of every service we provide and will be available to address any specific needs or requirements you may have.

Remember, we operate on a contingency basis. This means that we don't get paid unless you get paid on claims. Our financial success is directly tied to your practice's success, further emphasizing our commitment to achieving the best possible results for your dental practice.

  1. EFT payments: To facilitate EFT payments, you provide us with the necessary EFT deposit numbers. We use this information solely to retrieve an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and post the payment. We do not have access to your bank accounts or engage in financial transactions. By utilizing EFT payments, you can benefit from faster payment cycles and reduce the time and effort required for manual check deposits.
  2. Checks: For check payments, you can scan or electronically submit Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents to our team. We will accurately and efficiently enter the payment information into your software, ensuring that your records remain up to date. This eliminates the need for physical check handling, mailing, and mitigates the risk of lost or delayed payments.
  3. Credit card payments: If your practice accepts credit card payments from insurance companies, we do not handle the actual credit card transactions. Instead, your practice independently processes the credit card payments using your preferred payment gateway or terminal. We assist by posting the payment in your system. If you decide to opt out of credit card payments, we provide assistance with this process at no additional fee.
  1. Time Savings: Our remote payment handling eliminates the need for physical handling of money, such as checks, and simplifies the EFT payment process. This saves valuable time for your practice, allowing you to focus on providing quality patient care and attending to other essential tasks.
  2. Accuracy and Efficiency: With our experienced team, you can rely on accurate entry of payment information into your software. Our expertise ensures that your financial records are up to date and reflect payments received correctly, minimizing errors and discrepancies.
  3. Reduced Administrative Burden: Managing payments can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. By outsourcing this responsibility to us, you can alleviate the administrative workload for your staff. This frees up their time and resources, enabling them to concentrate on core patient care and essential practice management activities.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Remote billing with Dental Pro HQ eliminates the need to hire and train inexperienced employees solely for payment processing. This reduces costs associated with hourly wages, benefits, resubmitting denied claims, and handling non-payments. Opting for our services provides a cost-efficient solution without the overhead expenses of maintaining an in-house payment handling team.
  5. Secure Payment Handling: We adhere to strict security protocols to ensure the safeguarding of sensitive financial information. By minimizing physical check handling and utilizing secure electronic methods for payment processing, we help protect your practice and maintain the confidentiality of your patients' data.

We have implemented robust systems and technologies that enable us to efficiently handle remote dental billing and administrative tasks. Here's an overview of how we accomplish this:

  1. Secure Technology Infrastructure: We have established a secure technology infrastructure that allows our team to access the necessary systems, software, and databases remotely. We utilize advanced encryption, firewalls, and secure communication channels to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your practice's data.
  2. Cloud-Based Solutions: Our remote work setup is supported by cloud-based solutions, which enable seamless access to practice management software, insurance portals, and other necessary platforms. This allows us to perform tasks such as claims submission, insurance verification, and billing management without the need for physical access to your office.
  3. Document Sharing and Collaboration: We leverage secure document sharing platforms and collaboration tools to exchange information and work closely with your practice. This includes receiving scanned EOBs, sharing reports and updates, and maintaining open communication channels for seamless collaboration.
  4. Regular Communication Channels: We prioritize open and consistent communication with your practice. Our team is readily available via phone, email, or video conferencing to address any questions or concerns you may have. We believe in building strong partnerships and ensuring that you feel connected to our remote team.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: We adhere to industry regulations, including HIPAA, to ensure the privacy and security of your practice's data. Our team undergoes regular training and stays updated on the latest compliance standards to maintain strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

No, we believe in complete transparency, and there are never any hidden fees. We are committed to providing you with upfront and clear pricing for the services we offer. The pricing structure we provide during our initial consultation will encompass all the costs associated with the services you require.

We understand the importance of trust and open communication when it comes to billing. Our invoices will accurately reflect the agreed-upon services and their associated costs, ensuring that there are no surprises or unexpected charges.

Our commitment to transparency extends throughout our business relationship. If there are any changes to the pricing or additional services that may incur extra fees, we will always communicate these to you in advance, providing complete visibility and allowing you to make informed decisions.

No, you do not need to change your dental software or the computers you currently have. 

We'll collaborate with your practice to ensure a smooth transition to our remote services. Our team will guide you through establishing secure connections and providing necessary access for our remote team. You don't have to invest in new computers or equipment for our services.

Our goal is to make the onboarding process hassle-free, allowing you to continue using your preferred systems and equipment. We're here to support you in leveraging your existing technology for streamlined billing and administrative processes.